SAP offers a comprehensive construction service covering all aspects of hard (paving) and soft (trees and shrubs) landscape installation through our close working relationship with main contractors, landscape architects and specifiers and have built up an impressive award winning project history.


Our Grounds Maintenance team has dedicated horticultural professionals and H&S Officers to ensure we meet the most stringent technical and H&S requirements of your company. With a total of 67 crews manned by dedicated maintenance professionals, SAP currently maintains over 550 sites across Ireland.

Interior Plantscaping

Scotscape Living Walls

We design, install and maintain interior planting schemes such as living walls, moss features and container plants to support biophilic design and the health and well-being of building users.


SAP Landscapes Biodiversity Landscaping at UCD Campus

Our biodiversity solutions such as meadows, living walls and roof gardens help to preserve our natural eco-system by improving wildlife habitat, conserving water, and decreasing the use of chemicals.